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    Preparation is Key When It Comes to a Healthy Diet

    Three weeks ago I started a new 8 week diet plan by Tone-It-Up. The plan requires that you wake up early in the morning to workout, as well as follow a specific plan for your meals. Every Sunday is my grocery shopping day, my food-prep day, and my week-planning day. Without prepping for my week before it starts, I would be a mess. Here are the steps I take to plan out my meals, workouts, and daily routine for the week:

    Start With the Basics

    First, you need to write down your goals for the week. Are you looking to lose 2 pounds? Are you looking to lose 2 inches? Are you looking to eat a a healthy lunch for all 7 days of that week? Are you looking to walk a total of 10 miles? Are you looking to increase your speed while you’re running by 2 minutes per mile? What are your personal goals for your health? These are the things you need to write down and think about before starting any plan. Without a goal, you won’t have something to reach.

    Make a List

    If you are following the food plan by Tone It Up, they give you a grocery list to follow each week which makes it easier. If you are not following their plan, and are looking to make your own list, I would suggest doing some research on healthy recipes to make and start by writing down the ingredients. I also would recommend sticking to whole foods (whole grains, vegetables, beans & legumes, fruits, nuts, lean meats, etc.) and cutting out processed foods in your diet. By doing this, it will not only make your body and skin glow, but it will make your mood glow as well.


    One of the biggest things I had to start doing was prepping my food the night before. I make my shakes, salads, dressings, wraps, and cook my meats ahead of time. Things that wouldn’t taste so good by making them the night before, I leave for the actual day I am eating them. Making most of my meals ahead of time frees up my mornings and gives me more time to workout. Spend some time looking over your recipes that you could could prepare before your week starts and write down the ones you will have to make the day of. (Looking for an idea for a recipe now? Here are some yummy banana recipes you may like by

    Mental Motivation & Support

    With any health program, you need some mental motivation to keep you going. At the start of each week, I read over my goals and tell myself that I can do it- I CAN make it. I tell my friends to keep me in line throughout the week and tell my family to keep encouraging me. Without believing in yourself first, you will not be successful when it comes to your goals.

    Prepping for your week ahead of time is key when it comes to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Without knowing what your plan is, you won’t know where to go, and therefore you will lose track of why you started in the first place. Take some time out of your weekend to prepare for your shopping trips, your meals, and for your mental encouragement.


    Do you have any tips of how to prep for your healthy week? Are you following a meal plan that requires a lot of thought and consideration? Please share your thoughts below!